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Why wearing a helmet protects you if you are on your motorcycle

Motorcyclists in New York are required to wear protective helmets that meet the requirements established by New York law. Motorcyclists may be at higher risk of serious or even fatal accidents because they are not surrounded by a metal and plastic vehicle frame.

Other drivers may have a hard time seeing motorcyclists because of the smaller size of the cycle. States, including New York, recognize this and have passed laws to protect motorcyclists.

Why it is illegal to operate your motorcycle without wearing your helmet

The laws that mandate helmets for motorcyclists and their passengers have been written and signed into law, due to the greater risks that motorcyclists and passengers face while they are on the road with larger vehicles.

For this reason, New York authorities have the authority to determine helmet regulations. Failure to wear a helmet is unlawful in New York.

Your risk of a head injury rises if you don’t wear your helmet

While you may enjoy nothing more than taking a motorcycle ride, this is an activity you should safely pursue. This includes wearing a motorcycle helmet every time you go for a ride. You are physically more open while you are on the road.

You may suffer back or neck injuries. You may suffer an injury to your spinal cord. If you are not wearing a helmet, you may suffer a traumatic brain injury or other head injures.

Consider the other drivers who may put you at risk of injury or death

Other drivers may not believe a motorcyclist should share the road with them. They may not be able to see you approaching.

Once the other vehicle collides with your motorcycle, your chances of injury are much higher. Your injuries may have lasting effects on your health.