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Who Is Liable for Playground Injuries?

It is almost back to school time! If your child is in elementary school, they will likely be exposed to potentially dangerous playground equipment at recess. Oh no, not the dreaded monkey bars. Monkey bars and swings account for about 59% of all playground injures each year.
Who is held liable for these injuries?

Who Is Liable for Playground Injuries?

Finding out who is liable for playground injuries can get tricky. It depends on things such as who owns the playground, who designed it, and who built it. For example, if the playground where the injury occurred is in a local park, it is most likely owned by the town, city, or even the county and they should be held liable for any injuries. When a playground is constructed, the company often hires other companies to build the playground or provide materials for it. The actions of any of these companies could impact your child’s safety on the playground. Negligence or even a simple mistake could cause an injury due to poor construction or equipment. An experienced attorney can help you navigate these questions and concerns so that you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

Minimum Safety Standards

Many states now have laws that require playgrounds to have minimum safety standards. Click here

to learn about New York’s standards. These standards and requirements work to ensure that children are as safe as possible when they are using playground equipment.

If your child has been injured on the playground due to equipment or construction error, we are here to help. We understand that personal injuries can be life-changing. We want to work in your favor to purse compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to caretaking, and other damages. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 716-249-2222 to schedule your free initial consultation.