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What injury risks do you face as a restaurant worker?

The restaurant industry is one of the highest-grossing ones in the U.S. It generates more than $1 trillion in annual revenue and employs approximately 15 million workers.

This industry happens to be one of the most dangerous ones for employees, as well. Some injury types are more common among restaurant workers than others. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most frequent causes of injuries among these workers.

Slips and falls

There are various slip, trip and fall hazards that employees must navigate when working in restaurants. This likely explains why slips and falls are the leading cause of injury among these workers. It’s not uncommon for workers to trip as they attempt to navigate a customer’s belongings or uneven and damaged flooring. Workers commonly slip on wet or greasy floors in restrooms, near dish pits and in food preparation areas.

Lifting injuries

Some employers train their workers to crouch instead of bending over when picking up heavy objects. Restaurant workers run the risk of suffering back injuries and muscle strains or sprains if they fail to do this — but haste during busy service hours can make them throw caution aside.

Burn injuries

Various hazards may put a kitchen worker at risk of suffering burn injuries. Everything from grease spatters to simple forgetfulness can cause a worker to end up with a serious burn.

Knife injuries

These injuries are most common among kitchen workers who haven’t received proper knife storage and usage training. Employers can minimize their workers’ injury risks by equipping them with cut-resistant gloves, as well.

How to proceed following a workplace accident

The first step you’ll want to take following a New York workplace accident is to notify your employer of your incident and seek medical attention. An attorney can advise you of the next steps you may need to take to assert your right to compensation for your injuries.