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What Are The Most Dangerous Vehicle Bridges in NY?

Being a state famous for its islands and boroughs, New York boasts of massive bridges, stunning waterways, highways, and intersecting roadways that are essential elements of the state’s infrastructure. In particular, bridges enable everyone to travel from one island to another for as little time as possible. On the other hand, if these structures are improperly built, marked, or maintained, they can cause serious accidents that can lead to catastrophic injuries.

If you’ve recently been injured in a motor vehicle crash on one of New York’s bridges, you can turn to the NY car accident attorneys at the Steve Foley Law Firm to begin pursuing financial compensation from the parties liable for your losses.

NY Has Some of The Country’s Most Dangerous Bridges for Vehicles

According to 2023 data from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), NY has some of the most hazardous and dilapidated bridges in the country. NY ranked as the 7th state with the most structurally deficient bridges. The report also found that of the 17,573 bridges in NY, 17,568 of those require repairs compared to only 17,509 bridges that required repairs in 2019.

In addition, 1,578 of those are considered structurally deficient. A bridge that is structurally deficient or in poor condition is one that has advanced deterioration, section loss, scour, or spalling. The top five most traveled bridges in poor condition include:

  1. Route I678 over Flushing Bay Promenade in Queens with 183,587 average daily crossings.
  2. Route I278 over 278I, 15th in Kings with 181,470 average daily crossings.
  3. Route 907M over 907A, Route 90, and Route 907M over Commonwealth Road in Queens, with 154,703 average daily crossings.
  4. Route I278 over Bruckner Expressway in the Bronx with 143,338 average daily crossings.
  5. Route 907K over 907G X, MacQuesten Avenue in Westchester, with 143,278 average daily crossings.

Other reports also identified the George Washington Bridge and the Alexander Hamilton Bridge as parts of the most dangerous routes in NY. George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey to New York is among the busiest roadways in the U.S. and the most congested. On top of traffic, approximately 100 vehicle accidents occur on the bridge and the roadways getting off and on it.

The Alexander Hamilton Bridge’s Washington Heights portion, where the Harlem River Driver crosses the highway, was the most hazardous. It saw 208 vehicle accidents in a recent year.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a bridge accident in NY, discuss your case with our attorneys right away. Bridge accidents can be particularly complicated because it can be challenging to establish how they occurred and which party may be liable for them.

Our experienced attorneys can investigate the accident and determine its cause and the parties whom you can hold financially responsible for your losses. Please schedule your complimentary case review with one of our NY car accident attorneys at Steve Foley Law Firm by sending us an online message or calling our office at 716-249-2222.