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Were any of these the cause of your semitruck crash?

Many people think that driver error is the primary cause of semitruck crashes. While this might be a common cause of wrecks, it is far from the only cause.

Where semis are concerned, there are several other common causes of wrecks. Understanding how a wreck may have happened can help you understand where liability for your losses may fall.

Inadequate training

All semitruck drivers must be licensed; however, trucking companies sometimes put inexperienced drivers behind the wheel. They may also fail to make sure that their drivers get the necessary continuing education programs to ensure they don’t forget about basic safety procedures. Sometimes, truckers also need to be trained on a specific vehicle before they attempt to operate it.

Improperly secured cargo

Cargo securement is important because it’s the only way to ensure that the load won’t shift while the trucker is on the haul. Loads that come loose from the truck can strike vehicles, cause hazards in the roadway, or lead to the trucker losing control of the rig. Sometimes a loading company fails to get things right, and that can lead to serious accidents.

Lax maintenance

Semitrucks need proper maintenance regularly. This includes everything from checking the condition of the tires to ensuring that the braking system is functioning properly. Anything that’s not in good condition must be replaced or repaired. There’s a chance that components might be defective and fail, so that should be a consideration after a crash.

Determining the cause of the big rig crash is important because it might impact who you’re able to name as a defendant. When your injuries are serious, it’s important to look for all available sources of compensation. Your attorney can help you learn more after talking about the specifics of your case.