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It’s great to take your bike out on the open road, but if another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in the process, the losses you experience can be devastating. Protecting your rights – in pursuit of your rightful money damages – is key, which makes now the right time to reach out for the professional legal counsel of an experienced Syracuse motorcycle accident attorney.

Other Drivers

While it’s more difficult to see you when you’re on your bike, this does not alter the fact that all motorists are responsible for driving safely, which includes allowing for the safe passage of motorcyclists in their midst. Considerations that often contribute to life-threatening motorcycle accidents include all the following:

  • It’s easy for you to get lost in the blind spots of other drivers who don’t bother to look.
  • Because you ride on only two wheels, subpar road conditions – such as the effects of bad weather, uneven surfaces, debris, and beyond – put you at greater risk.
  • You handle the road more nimbly on your motorcycle and require less stopping distance, which leaves you more vulnerable to rear-end accidents caused by tailgating rear drivers.
  • Negligence on the part of the other driver involved – including distraction, aggression, exhaustion, excess speed, and failure to follow the rules of the road – is often the cause of dangerous motorcycle accidents.

Covered Losses

The losses you experience and can seek compensation for in your motorcycle accident claim include all the following:

  • Property damage to your bike
  • Medical expenses that range from current costs to future related medical needs
  • Lost income that may need to address losses in relation to your career and earning potential
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering that can be exceptionally challenging to effectively address and overcome

An important element of your strong motorcycle accident claim is ensuring that your complete losses are well accounted for, which supports a complete recovery and is best left in the capable hands of your knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney.


Does no-fault coverage apply?

No, you won’t file your motorcycle accident claim with your own provider but will, instead, turn to the at-fault driver’s policy for coverage.

Why do I need an attorney?

Your attorney will diligently tackle a wide range of tasks that include building your strongest claim and skillfully negotiating with the involved insurance company for your just compensation.

What if I share fault for the accident?

If you were partially responsible for the motorcycle accident that left you injured, you might still have the right to file a claim against the other driver in pursuit of the percentage of your losses that they are responsible for.

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