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Scared of bugs? Take care before you drive

Whenever a driver acts dangerously on the road, they could put themselves or others at risk of injury or death. One unusual reason that some people give for the collisions they cause is there was an insect in their vehicle. If you’ve ever had a spider drop down on you from the ceiling or a bee buzzing around your car’s interior, then you know what it’s like.

These little insects and arachnids can cause a lot of problems. This is evident by performing a simple search online for “crashes caused by spiders.” People who have phobias of spiders and other bugs may stop acting safely and drive recklessly to try to escape the problem.

If a bug causes a crash, the driver who lost control of their vehicle is still going to be at fault. If you’re worried that the driver could end up being you, here’s what you should do.

Maintain the interior of your vehicle

If you have arachnophobia or are scared of bees or other insects, make sure you take a cursory once-over of your vehicle before you get in. Check behind your visors and mirrors and anywhere else a pest might be lurking. Regularly vacuuming out your car or truck can reduce the likelihood of bugs making their home inside your vehicle. You may even consider periodically spraying bug repellent (non-toxic, of course) inside the vehicle.

There are many reasons for auto accidents but this doesn’t have to be one of them if people take precautions. If you’re hit by a driver who was scared by an insect, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries, losses and other damages.