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Many people rely on ridesharing companies, such as Lyft, for their daily transportation needs. Tourists and locals regularly book Lyft rides to go to and from work, run errands, or get around the city. However, with the rise of ridesharing services also comes the risk of severe crashes involving rideshare companies that typically result in expensive and severe injuries. Individuals can get into Lyft accidents as passengers, other motor vehicle drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

Lyft accidents can be immensely dangerous since certain injuries, including whiplash, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), head injuries, and even psychological injuries, may be latent. That means that some injured victims may not know they are seriously injured unless they get proper and prompt medical treatment right away. If you’ve been in a Lyft accident, consider talking to our dedicated Rochester Lyft accident lawyer at Steve Foley Law Firm so we can start seeking justice and fair compensation for you immediately.

Among the most vital elements of a Lyft accident claim is proving fault for the crash because the party responsible for causing the accident becomes liable for the injuries and other losses a victim suffers. This means that they are legally obligated to compensate you for expenses resulting from the accident.

In most cases, Lyft accidents occur due to the following causes:

  • Lyft drivers who are distracted, reckless, drunk, drugged, or simply tired due to long hours of driving
  • Lyft drivers who run or speed through traffic lights and signs to complete rides faster
  • Lyft drivers who negligently fail to follow traffic laws
  • Lyft drivers who park in dangerous spots for pickups or drop-offs
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Manufacturing or design flaws in the vehicle
  • Dangerous road or weather conditions

However, identifying and proving the cause of Lyft accidents is rarely straightforward, particularly in cases where multiple parties may be involved. You will also need solid evidence to corroborate your case. A Rochester Lyft accident lawyer can help gather the evidence required to strengthen your claim and prove that Lyft or another party is liable for your losses. The stronger the evidence, the higher your chances of securing maximum compensation.

You should also be aware that insurance providers commonly minimize settlements using shrewd tactics, which can leave you at a disadvantage. When dealing with an insurance claims adjuster for Lyft, you should be extremely cautious because your statements can substantially impact the outcome of your claim. Fighting Lyft and insurance providers will require a tactical approach, and an experienced Rochester Lyft accident lawyer can do just that.

At Steve Foley Law Firm, our lawyers provide legal support to make sure that injured victims of Lyft accidents get the money they need to recover from their injuries. You can find out more about your case in a free case consultation with one of our Rochester Lyft accident lawyers. To arrange your appointment, you can complete our online form or dial 716-249-2222.