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Slip And Fall Lawyers | Premises Liability Claims

A premises liability claim may arise after an accident caused by unsafe property, such as an apartment building, workplace, commercial retailer, and more.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Some common examples of incidents that may cause serious damage, such as brain injury, broken bones, or other debilitating mishaps, and give rise to a liability case lawsuit are:

  • Slips and falls resulting from hazardous zones
  • Snow, hail, ice, rain, and other weather related accidents
  • Bus accidents and other injuries on public transportation and service vehicles
  • Accidents involving trains crossing at a railroad
  • Toxic substance exposures such as gas leaks, or chemical waste
  • Electrocution or other injury caused by the presence exposed wires
  • Explosions or other disruptions
  • Fires and burns
  • Building collapses, or ceilings falling in, or other partial destruction
  • Objects falling off shelves, out of cabinets or other unsecured storage locations
  • Lack of security resulting in a violent assault or theft of property
  • Unsafe structures due to flawed architecture or lack of proper maintenance
  • Elevator/escalator failure from lack of inspection and regular care
  • Uneven pavement
  • Wet floors
  • Broken stairs
  • Poorly lit stairwells
  • Loose rugs and mats

New York State Slip and Fall Laws

In the bustling streets of New York, accidents like slips and falls are unfortunately not rare. These accidents can stem from various factors – a wet floor, uneven pavement, or even a sudden obstruction in your path. Understanding New York’s slip and fall laws could be your shield and sword in seeking justice. Let’s peel back the layers to understand this area of law in greater depth.

Statute of Limitations

The statutory period to file a slip and fall lawsuit in New York is three years from the date of the accident, a timeframe entrenched in the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules section 214

However, in cases against a city, county, or state government, you have a much shorter window—usually 90 days to file a formal claim. This legal demarcation of time nudges individuals to act promptly, yet with considered reflection, balancing the need for urgent action with the human proclivity for reflection and recovery.

Premises Liability Codes and Regulations

New York doesn’t house premises liability under a specific statute. Instead, it operates based on precedents set in prior court rulings, making every case a rich tapestry of narratives woven with threads from past judgments. The central philosophy pivoting around these laws is the doctrine of negligence.

The legal conversations revolving around this doctrine consider a broad spectrum of elements including, but not limited to, the reason behind the victim’s presence on the premises, the usage of the property, and whether the accident was foreseeable.

Building on this, we also note a differentiation in the level of care owed to different classes of visitors. Essentially, property owners owe invitees (someone invited onto the property) the highest duty of care, following by licensees (someone allowed on the property, but not necessarily invited), and lastly, trespassers, to whom the least duty of care is owed. This conceptualization brings a rich, nuanced understanding to the forefront, emphasizing both rights and responsibilities in harmony.

Slip and fall cases are akin to walking through a path with various landscapes, each presenting its own challenges and requiring its own strategies. It is imperative to comprehend the full scope of legal avenues available to victims.

Identifying and Gathering Evidence

Post an unfortunate slip and fall incident; it becomes pivotal to amass credible evidence. From capturing the exact scene through photographs to gathering eyewitness testimonies, every element adds a vibrant hue to your narrative, building a robust case that stands tall in the courtroom.

Navigating through the labyrinthine legal corridors can be daunting. Seeking seasoned guidance from a Buffalo-based attorney can be your compass in this journey, offering insights gleaned from rich experience and a deep understanding of New York’s legal landscape.

Remember, as you venture into exploring the legal pathways, the end goal remains to craft a narrative rooted in truth, brimming with the authenticity of your experience, aiming to attain a resolution that mirrors justice, bringing closure to your chapter while respecting the rich tapestry of legal principles New York proudly upholds.

How Much is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

In the wake of a slip and fall accident, a whirlpool of anxieties often surrounds the victim. Among the spiraling questions, the worth of the case takes a significant stance. Let us navigate this intricate journey together.

Economic Factors that can Affect Damages

The economic repercussions of a slip and fall case are a mosaic of various elements, intricately connected to the depth of your experience. The courts generally look at medical expenses, lost wages, and the potential future earnings lost due to the injury. A deeper layer of the financial narrative also explores the emotional trauma and the quality of life post the accident.

In this intricate web, the testimonies of expert witnesses play a vital role, bringing in a rich and humane perspective to the otherwise cold and calculated economic assessments.

How Payouts are Granted by Courts and How Settlements Proceed

While embarking on the legal journey, one must be equipped with the knowledge that New York follows the “pure comparative negligence” rule. This statute, found in Article 14-A of the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules, finely delineates how the court assesses the role of all parties involved and attributes a percentage of fault to each.

Here, the settlements are not just a monetary negotiation but a profound dialogue that encompasses the pain, the recovery, and the courage to stand tall again. It’s a pathway which, albeit rigorous, endeavors to reach a resolution that resonates with the essence of justice, offering a beacon of hope in the complex labyrinth of legalities.

Why do I need a slip and fall lawyer Buffalo, NY?

According to the New York State Department of Health, an average of more than 52,000 people are sent to the hospital every year in New York due to slip and fall accidents. The Department of Health goes on to mention that during many slip and fall injuries, someone is usually at fault and can be held responsible.Slip and fall accidents and premises liability injuries if you have been victim to any of the above mishaps, the blame and burden should not be placed on your shoulders. It is someone else’s job to maintain the security and safety of property, vehicles, buildings, and other items that they may own, oversee, and operate on a day to day basis. If their failure to do so results in the injury of someone else, or destruction of another’s personal property—they are at fault, and must be held responsible and accountable.

A landowner, landlord or other users of property and buildings have a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe. This includes monitoring potential danger zones, such as wet floors, and other issues that may unfortunately become the cause of slip and fall injuries if not properly looked after and cared for. This level of negligence should be rare and unacceptable, but unfortunately – the aforementioned common causes of slip and fall accidents in Buffalo likely fall in the hands of a building or property manager, landlord, or other responsible guardian of the site at hand.

The bottom line is that if hazardous conditions exist and are not properly maintained, then the landowner or others involved in its regulation (or lack thereof) can be subject to premises liability, and consequences resulting from further legal action. With that in mind, if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by an unforeseen dangerous condition on someone else’s property, or by someone else’s doing, experienced personal injury attorney Steve Foley is eager and capable to assist you with the next steps of your case. After your physical health is taken care of, or while in the process of being handled, the next major step towards a full recovery involves securing the compensation that you deserve as a result of your injuries, stress, and other inconveniences caused by this incident.

Oftentimes, victims of serious injuries face extreme burdens such as the rising cost of mounting medical bills, loss of income due to inability to work, or even the cost of funeral and life memorial expenses in the most extreme of cases resulting in death. If you have experienced a life threatening injury, or have even lost a loved one, financial responsibilities should be the least of your concerns, and attorney Steve Foley is here to help you.

Throughout many years in the legal business of personal injury cases, Foley and his colleagues have built a strong network of clinical professionals, and paralegals work together to pursue your case with prompt, professional and personal care. Our New York injury lawyers can help you understand your rights according to the laws governing property-based insurance for homeowners, renters and commercial entities. Steve Foley Esq. today for a free consultation, and begin your journey towards recovery knowing that you are covered by the most qualified injury attorney in Buffalo New York.

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Some injuries present a simple legal case. Others create legal and technical challenges that call for the creative and experienced counsel of an attorney like Steve Foley Esq. He and his colleagues carry out a comprehensive case evaluation of the facts and circumstances associated with your accident. These dedicated professionals determine the extent of your entitlement to compensation for damages. Your compensation can pay for many losses, including medical costs, lost current and future income, pain and suffering, and personal property damage.

As a slip and fall lawyer in Buffalo, Steve Foley has a long history of success at pursuing and recovering full financial recovery in slip and fall claims for his clients who have been injured through the negligence of property owners throughout New York State, Florida, Connecticut and Georgia. If you have been injured in a slip, and are ready to begin navigating litigation with the insurance company of the responsible party, contact a slip and fall attorney that is ready to serve you with compassionate guidance, and a confident course of action.