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We Push Back To Seek Money Damages Against Insurance Company Tactics

If you are injured by the negligence of others, such as a car accident or slip and fall on unsafe property, you are entitled to seek compensation for the harm you suffered. In many cases, the injured party recovers damages through an insurance claim without the need for filing a lawsuit.

The problem is that insurance companies are not really on your side. They have a vested interest in paying as little as possible on injury claims. Insurers use many tactics to downplay, delay and deny valid claims. You may need legal intervention to hold them to their obligations.

Our Insurance Law Attorney Protects Your Injury Rights

When you are recuperating from injuries, the last thing you need is the added stress of fighting with an insurance company. The Steve Foley Law Firm advocates for victims of personal injury accidents in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and surrounding areas of New York.

Our attorney can step in if you are getting the runaround, whether it is your own insurance carrier (such as a car accident no-fault claim or homeowner’s claim) or the negligent party’s insurer. We are familiar with all the tactics employed by insurance companies:

  • Claim denial

    The insurer may flatly reject your claim or demand additional proof that their policyholder is liable. Without legal representation it is extremely difficult to fight a denied claim.

  • Recorded statements

    Insurance adjusters may call you after an accident, asking questions that sound helpful and concerned. In reality, they are fishing for a written or recorded statement they can use against you. The best advice is not to say or sign anything before speaking with a personal injury lawyer.

  • Signed waivers

    Insurers commonly ask you to sign a release before they will issue payment on a claim. The fine print may bar you from submitting additional claims if you have complications or ongoing medical treatment from the accident. Always get legal counsel before signing away your rights.

  • Lowball settlements

    Insurance companies know what your claim is worth. They may pressure you to accept a quick settlement. The claims adjuster offers a check for what seems like a lot of money, when in reality it falls far short of covering all your expenses and losses. They are banking on getting you to settle before you talk to a lawyer.

  • Delay, delay, delay

    Some insurers are notorious for delaying payments. They give you excuses when you call or send endless requests for “additional information.” They know that some claimants will simply give up. Insurance companies also earn interest by purposely delaying claims as long as they can.

Committed To Your Full And Timely Recovery

Steve Foley is knowledgeable about New York’s personal injury laws as well as insurance and consumer protection laws. In 30 years of practice, he has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for regular people like you who just want fair compensation for their injuries.

He will take action on your behalf to negotiate an insurance settlement or force the insurer to pay on your claim. If necessary, he is prepared to file a formal lawsuit and follow through all the way to the jury verdict. Steve Foley Law Firm has also filed lawsuits for insurance bad faith for egregious and systematic tactics to deny, delay or downplay legitimate injury claims.

Call Us For Help With Your Insurance Claim

The insurance companies do not work for you. We do. For a free initial consultation with a lawyer who has your best interests at heart, call Steve Foley at 716-249-2222 or contact us online. You can count on us to take your insurance claim seriously and push for results.