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Five Ways We Help Your Injury Case

Hiring a law firm is a hassle when you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury in the family. You may be tempted to wait. You may question whether you even need legal counsel.

It is important to retain a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. And it’s important to hire the right lawyer for the job. Prompt action and investigation are critical to holding the negligent party accountable. You need an experienced attorney who will follow through to make sure you are properly compensated.

Injured woman being treated by paramedic after car accident

We Are Confident We Can Make A Real Difference

The Steve Foley Law Firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases. We protect your rights and advocate for you in five key ways:

1. We explain where you stand

Many people do not know their rights or what to do in the aftermath of an injury. Steve Foley takes the time to educate you about your rights and your legal remedies, and what you should do (or not do) to help your case.

2. We understand your injury

After three decades in practice, we understand traumatic injuries. We have a network of excellent health care professionals that we can recommend, who will give you the treatment and care you need and deserve.

3. We know how to build a case

The average person is not familiar with the elements that must be proven in a personal injury case. We know how to present the evidence in the right way to convince the insurance company or a jury of the other party’s negligence and their obligation to make amends.

4. We maximize your compensation

You may not realize what your case is worth or have the leverage to get a full and fair recovery. Our involvement consistently results in higher damages than clients would get on their own. Rather than taking the insurance company’s first offer, we make sure your settlement reflects your actual losses and suffering.

5. We take cases to trial

Although most cases settle out of court, you need an attorney who is prepared to go the distance. The insurance companies and defense firms are familiar with our many jury awards at trial, including seven-figure recoveries. That reputation often translates to better settlement offers in pretrial negotiations.

Discover Why We Have A Successful Track Record

We invite you to discuss your personal injury claim in a free initial consultation. We can meet at our downtown Buffalo office, at our alternate locations in Rochester, Syracuse, or Albany, at your home, or a convenient place and time for you,  or by phone or video. At Steve Foley Law Firm, we believe our skill and commitment gives you the best chance for full and fair compensation. Call  716-249-2222 or reach out by email, and we will respond promptly.