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New car lifts its own suspension in case of side impacts

A very interesting new safety feature has recently been developed by Mercedes. It’s going to be added to the S-Class, one of the higher levels of luxury cars.

Essentially, the feature revolves around sensors that can detect if a side impact is about to occur. If it is, the car can automatically adjust the suspension on that side of the vehicle, lifting it slightly higher. This small lift swings the car’s frame upward, potentially allowing it to take more of the impact, and can prevent the car from rolling when hit.

Side impacts are very dangerous because there’s relatively little protection for the driver or the passenger. The invention of door airbags has helped, but there’s still only a few inches of metal sheeting between the passenger and the car that is hitting their vehicle. It has often been shown that taller vehicles are generally safer than lower ones, and this safety feature helps to combine those two factors.

No safety features prevent all injuries

It’s always good to see new safety features coming onto the market. Remember, there was a time without seat belts or airbags. Cars are only getting safer, and that is going to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

However, there is nothing that can be done to prevent all injuries. No matter what vehicle you drive, if another driver makes a serious mistake on the road, they could severely injure you. If this happens, you must know about all of your rights to financial compensation. While a personal injury claim can’t undo the accident, it can provide you with the money you need to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses.