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Knocked off your motorcycle? Make a claim

You love taking your motorcycle out for a spin, but what you don’t like is when other drivers make dangerous movements and put your life at risk. You’re always cautious when you approach intersections and wear bright colors to help make it easier for others to see you.

Unfortunately, the last time you went for a ride, another driver made a turn straight into you. There was no time for you to stop, and you were thrown off your motorcycle. As a result of the crash, you have a serious brain injury, and you’ve been in the hospital for several days. You’re frustrated knowing that you haven’t been able to work, and you want to get into a better financial situation before deciding on the treatment plans you want to attempt.

Following a traffic collision, you can make a claim

After you’re hit by another driver, it’s appropriate to make a claim against their insurance policy. If you have a police report that shows that they are at-fault for the collision, then that can be helpful in negotiating for the best possible settlement.

Many people don’t realize that they can hire an attorney to work with when they’re making insurance claims or why that might be helpful. In your case, you may want to have an attorney be the person to negotiate on your behalf because you are dealing with injuries and your own recovery. Your attorney will be the go-between, negotiating for you by using the medical documents and information you have to fight for the best settlement.

In the case that a good settlement offer is not made, your attorney may also be able to represent you in court so that you can fight for fair compensation.