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How to Fill Out and File a Car Accident Report in Buffalo, New York

According to Section 605 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, if a person in injured or killed, or there is damage to property of one person more than $1,000, each party must file their own accident report within ten days of the crash. If this report does not get filed, the DMV may suspend your driver’s license until it is properly done. Read below to find out how to file this form so that your license does not face suspension!

  1. Fill out the Report of Motor Vehicle Accident PDF (MV-104).

  2. If the accident caused only property damage, exchange the following information with the other party involved

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Registration

After exchanging this information, file the MV-104 form from step one.

  1. If a person is injured or killed because of the accident you must promptly notify the police and file the MV-104 PDF form.

  2. If a parked vehicle or domestic animal is harmed, you must find the owner or contact law enforcement.

Remember, it is a crime to flee the scene of an accident that causes personal injury or death. You will face higher consequences if you flee. Stay at the scene, help if you are able to/it is necessary, and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

After the four steps above are completed, this accident will appear on the records of all drivers involved. Just because it is listed in your record does not mean you were at fault. The DMV will not try to figure out who was at fault, they simply file the information provided.

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