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How parked cars pose a danger to motorcyclists

You generally assume that the threat of an accident comes from the traffic around you, the other cars with which you share the road. If you’re a motorcyclist, though, you could also be injured in an accident caused by someone in a parked car.

You need to be aware of this risk whenever you ride. Never make assumptions about how safe you are. All it takes is one person making one critical mistake to put you in the hospital.

The danger of an open car door

The risk comes from something called dooring, which simply means that the person in the car opens the door into your path. If that car is parked along the edge of the street, the door opens right into the traffic lane. A motorcyclist then either hits the door or swerves wildly to avoid it, risking a crash with another vehicle or a nearby object.

Dooring happens fast. Your eyes are on the street as you ride, which they should be. You probably won’t see the person in the car until they push that door into your path.

Why does it happen? Usually, people are just inattentive. They don’t look to see if there’s anything coming up the street. They may be distracted by the phone or lost in thought. Almost all of these accidents could be prevented with a one-second check, but it doesn’t happen.

You may need substantial compensation

This accident may sound minor compared to getting hit by a moving car, but it can still lead to devastating injuries and you may need compensation for your medical bills and other losses. An attorney can show you how to get your claim started.