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How can you reduce the chance of a car crash?

Every time you get in your vehicle, you know there is a chance an accident could happen. Car crashes happen far too often and result in the loss of far too many lives.

As a responsible driver, you want to do your best to drive safely for the benefit of yourself, your passengers and all other road users.

You do not need to take a course to become a safer driver

There are excellent courses available that teach you advanced driving skills. Yet, there are simple ways to improve safety yourself:

  • Buckle up:  Ensure everyone in your vehicle has their seat belt fastened before setting off, even if that means waiting a few seconds before moving.
  • Slow down:  If you are in a rush, you are more likely to take risks. Leaving plenty of time for your journey allows you to relax. Going slower will also reduce the force of a crash should one happen.
  • Leave a gap:  Driving too close to the vehicle in front gives you less time to react to avoid a collision and makes it more likely you rear-end them.
  • Look twice:  Check your mirror, signal, check again, maneuver. That is what you learn at driving school. Yet, once people pass their test, they often get lazy and forget the second mirror check. They miss the chance to spot an approaching vehicle they missed the first time.
  • Stay focused:  You may have a million things on your mind when you get in your car. Yet, if you allow them to distract you from the road, it increases the chance of a collision.

Despite your best efforts to drive safely, sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent a collision. There are many drivers out there who act with negligence when behind the wheel. If one of them injures you in a car crash, it is crucial to understand your legal options to hold them responsible and claim maximum compensation.