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Drivers: Heed those weather warnings when you’re heading out on the road

If you live in the Buffalo or Rochester area, you’re probably used to winter weather making driving conditions challenging.

Each year the authorities issue several blizzard warnings, telling drivers to stay at home and avoid driving. On certain occasions, they go as far as to ban trucks due to the dangerous conditions. Yet, not everyone takes the advice to heart. Failing to do so can have catastrophic consequences.

Trucks have the potential to cause major accidents

On January 31st, there was a 19 vehicle pile-up on the I-90 between Buffalo and Rochester after a tractor-trailer lost control. The truck driver had ignored both the weather warning and the ban on trucks due to the forecast snowstorm.

Trucks are more at risk than other vehicles when a winter storm hits. They have a greater surface area that the wind can catch, toppling them over or pushing them across the road. Being much larger than other vehicles, they can cause much more damage by taking out many other smaller vehicles, as the incident showed.

Take extra care if driving in winter conditions

Sometimes you may need to drive your car when snow is forecast. Perhaps you need to buy food, get medical attention or carry out essential work. Here are some tips if you do:

  • Ensure your tires are in good condition
  • Drive more slowly than usual
  • Avoid sudden use of the brakes or accelerator
  • Fasten your seat belt
  • Carry emergency supplies in case you are stranded

Above all, try to stay away from tractor-trailers. Whether they are allowed to be on the road or not, winter weather makes them more likely to crash. If you are close by when they do, you could suffer severe injury.

When you’re hurt in a wreck, seek assistance

A winter-weather car wreck can leave you with serious injuries. If that happens to you, consider seeking legal assistance as soon as possible.