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Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run by Drunk Driver

In early July, a 37-year-old killed a cyclist in Buffalo, NY, in a hit-and-run. The cyclist was hit at Abbott Rd. and Kenefick Ave., although the driver fled to West Seneca, where law enforcement arrested him for DWI.

What Can Be Done

This accident happened three weeks after a cyclist hit and killed in South Park. The biking community is crushed. Advocates are calling on city officials to create more protected infrastructure for cyclists. Officials had already done work on Abbot Rd. to calm traffic, but it was not enough to prevent this tragedy. Bikers would like to see protections such as elevated bike lanesrubber forms, and delineators.

What Causes Most of These Accidents

When it comes to accidents like these, speed is the main factor. On a narrower road, people cannot get up to high speeds as safely as they can on a wider road. Therefore, officials have been working to narrow many of the streets trafficked heavily by cyclists and drivers alike. When you hit someone at 30 miles per hour, they have about a 50/50 chance of survival. When someone is hit at 45 miles per hour, they have about a 20% chance of survival. The roads’ narrowing will help keep speeds at bay and hopefully prevent accidents like this.

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