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Closing 2022 With a Trip Down Memory Lane

If you have experienced an injury, putting the pieces of your life back together may feel like an uphill battle. Your physical and emotional pain, lost hours at work, and diminishing account balance may all seem like insurmountable hurdles. Fortunately, you always have the option to seek financial compensation and justice.

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is the single-most important thing you can do in the aftermath of your accident. The right legal representation is key to ensuring that you have the financial resources necessary to help you recover from your injury.

Through the years, our personal injury attorneys at Steve Foley Law have been able to secure a host of positive verdicts and settlements for our clients. From the initial consultation onward, we fight tirelessly for the right to fair compensation in light of physically and emotionally painful injuries.

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection. As we reflect on Steve Foley Law’s years of personal injury victories, we are also looking forward to the future of protecting the financial security of our clients. Here are just a few of the recent verdicts and settlements that we are reflecting on.

Protecting Clients and Their Loved Ones in the Aftermath of Personal Injuries

Steve Foley Law has successfully represented clients in a variety of motorcycle/motor vehicle accidents and workplace injury cases. Some highlights include a state highway worker who was granted $3.5 million dollars in accordance with their verdict, $435,000 awarded to an officer injured in the line of duty, a $4.5 million motorcycle accident settlement, and many others.

Two Clients, Russ and Tom, Stand Out in Recent Memory

Russ, a 60-year-old delivery truck operator, suffered severe injuries on the job, rendering him unable to return to work. With his financial security hanging in the balance, Russ turned to Steve Foley Law. Despite the defense’s best efforts, Russ’s decision to trust us with the sensitive circumstances of his case led to a unanimous verdict in his favor. Russ was awarded $1.95 million dollars, ensuring his financial security for years to come.

Tom, a 46-year-old construction laborer, was seriously injured on the job. Our attorneys were able to demonstrate that the property owner and general contractor failed to provide necessary fall protection. This violation of New York Labor Laws caused Tom to have to submit to multiple surgeries and prevented him from ever returning to a full-time heavy labor job. Steve Foley Law saw to it that his financial wellness was protected, and he walked out of court with an award of $1.73 million. This verdict served as compensation for past and future wages and afforded Tom the ability to retrain for a less physically taxing job.

New York’s Premier Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been seriously injured, Personal Injury Attorney Steve Foley has the skills necessary to fight for your financial security in the injury’s aftermath. Steve Foley has three decades of experience handling a wide variety of cases, including motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability claims, construction accidents and work injuriesrailroad injuries, and dangerous products claims.

As we say goodbye to another year, do not leave your recovery and financial security up to chance. Call Steve Foley Law today at 716-249-2222 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.