How do cars compare to other modes of transportation for safety?

Cars are certainly the most common way to travel for Americans, and most people feel relatively safe while doing it. Perhaps you’ve had a harrowing experience, like driving in a severe storm, but your odds of injury or death aren’t generally something you think about when you get behind the wheel. Many people drive multiple […]

How can you reduce the chance of a car crash?

Every time you get in your vehicle, you know there is a chance an accident could happen. Car crashes happen far too often and result in the loss of far too many lives. As a responsible driver, you want to do your best to drive safely for the benefit of yourself, your passengers and all […]

Head-on crashes: This is why they’re so serious

Of all potential car accidents, a head-on crash can be the most serious. With a head-on crash, two vehicles hit each other straight on. Both vehicles may be traveling at the same speed in opposite directions, so the force of the crash is multiplied by that acceleration from both sides. Take for example a crash between […]

Get justice after being injured by a drunk driver

It’s a person’s individual choice whether they want to abuse alcohol in a situation where it only impacts their own life. However, whenever a person gets behind the wheel, they essentially have other people’s lives and livelihoods in their own hands. Therefore, a person should only drive when they are sober, alert and in a […]

Drivers: Heed those weather warnings when you’re heading out on the road

If you live in the Buffalo or Rochester area, you’re probably used to winter weather making driving conditions challenging. Each year the authorities issue several blizzard warnings, telling drivers to stay at home and avoid driving. On certain occasions, they go as far as to ban trucks due to the dangerous conditions. Yet, not everyone […]

Do speed limits prevent accidents?

If you get pulled over for speeding and you mention to someone that you wish there weren’t speed limits or that you think they just exist to create government funding, they’ll probably tell you that it’s a safety issue. If people were allowed to drive as recklessly as they wanted, the roads would be more […]

Were any of these the cause of your semitruck crash?

Many people think that driver error is the primary cause of semitruck crashes. While this might be a common cause of wrecks, it is far from the only cause. Where semis are concerned, there are several other common causes of wrecks. Understanding how a wreck may have happened can help you understand where liability for your losses may fall. Inadequate […]

Who can you hold liable if you’re in a crash caused by a teen driver?

Teen drivers have a reputation for distracted and sometimes reckless driving. Even novice teen drivers who are conscientious and careful behind the wheel lack the experience to make the right move when they encounter an unexpected situation. If you have suffered serious injuries because of a crash caused by a teen driver, who will cover […]

Fatal Bergen crash shows devastating impact of crossover wrecks

No fear grips highway drivers more than another vehicle crossing the median into their lane of traffic. There is little time to react and avoid a head-on collision, which are the deadliest and most violent crashes. Two steel and glass machines traveling 55-mph plus can create an incredible amount of force and destruction. Police in […]

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for most age groups

When considering the overall leading causes of death in the United States, you’ll find issues like cancer and heart disease at the top of the list. However, the specific risks that people face vary massively depending on their age. When you sort things into different age groups, the true risks become clear. For the elderly, […]