Winter Liabilities to Watch Out For

Every season comes with liabilities; winter seems to have much more than the others. The best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is by being educated and prepared. Click here to learn the top five liabilities you must watch out for this winter season.

What is the Most Common Cause for Workplace Injury?

Did you know that the main cause for workplace injury is a slip and fall accident? Actually, about 27% of all nonfatal workplace injuries are due to this cause. Click the link below for more fast facts on occupational injuries.,and%20trips%20without%20a%20fall  

The Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Did you know that exposure to harmful substances, overexertion, bodily reaction, as well as trips, slips, and falls account for over 75% of nonfatal workplace injuries? Let us dive deeper into these three causes of workplace injuries. Exposure to Harmful Substances This type of injury is caused by things such as exposure to electricity, exposure to […]

Conditions that contribute to slip-and-fall accidents

“Slip and fall” is a common phrase used in personal injury cases where a person slips, trips or falls on public or private property. These types of cases fall under a more general category known as “premises liability.” Property owners must keep their premises in a reasonably good condition to prevent such accidents. Regardless of […]

Trip-and-fall hazards: Who’s liable when you get hurt?

Trip-and-fall hazards are around you all the time. However, when you’re on another person’s property, it is their responsibility to make sure you stay safe. That means that they should be aware of tripping hazards and make sure that their customers or clients are able to avoid them. New York has all kinds of hazards, […]

Who is liable when you get hurt in a business or rental home?

When you go to visit a friend at their apartment or stop into a shop to browse their offerings, you don’t expect that you’re going to get hurt. Unfortunately, innocuous trips and friendly visits can sometimes turn into life-altering moments. Wet floors, poorly maintained carpets, dark stairwells and a lack of security could all easily […]

Who pays the bills when your kid gets hurt during recess?

For grade school children, recess is often the part of the day that they most look forward to. They have the opportunity to burn off some energy, play with their friends and get out of the classroom for a little bit. Unfortunately, recess also carries with it substantial risk. Every year, tens of thousands of […]

Is renting a Swimply pool worth the risk?

What better way to cool off this summer than renting a private swimming pool? Swimply, a New York startup that allows owners to rent swimming pools by the hour, has grown by a massive 2,000% this summer. Before you rush to reserve your water time, remember that swimming pools can be dangerous. Part of the condition […]