Preventing serious heat-related illnesses in young athletes

Among the first students back at college in August are the football players. They practice vigorously in scorching heat, often wearing heavy protective equipment. High school players are doing the same. It’s all too easy for them to suffer heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Some young athletes have even died from heat-related conditions. […]

What if your child is injured by an “attractive nuisance?”

As summer begins and your kids are out and about (perhaps more than they’ve been in over a year), they may be tempted to go onto someone else’s residential or commercial property by an “attractive nuisance.” An attractive nuisance is an insurance term as well as a legal term that describes anything on a property […]

How to prepare for your deposition in a personal injury case

When a personal injury claim starts slowly moving toward a trial, it’s not uncommon for a deposition to be scheduled. Depositions offer the opportunity for the representatives of the insurance company defending the case to ask you questions about your claim. While not exactly a trial, depositions are taken under oath, and your statements will be […]

Who pays when you get hurt by someone on an e-scooter?

New York changed its laws recently, finally allowing people to drive e-scooters legally. These popular and efficient forms of transportation have taken many other states by storm, and now New York is on the cusp of an e-scooter explosion. E-scooters have plenty going for them, including the fact that people don’t need to have a license […]

Dressing for trial in a personal injury case

If you are the plaintiff in a New York personal injury claim, there is every hope that your claim will settle well before you ever get to a courtroom. But the wise plaintiff and personal injury attorney know to plan anyway for a court appearance. One of the major questions you might have as a […]

Can I sue a restaurant for food poisoning?

Almost anyone you ask can tell you about a time when they suffered from food poisoning. It’s a relatively common condition, and it’s one that most people recover from well. Though you may never have heard of anyone suing over food poisoning in the past, the reality is that someone may choose to sue if […]

Tips to achieve success in your New York personal injury claim

The negligence of others, unfortunately, leads to many injuries suffered by innocent victims. In a best-case scenario, a personal injury causes a few moments or hours of pain. In a worst-case scenario, such an injury results in catastrophic bodily harm or death. Along with severe pain, possible disability and other physical effects of a personal injury, victims […]

Some spinal cord injury patients require breathing help

Suffering from a spinal cord injury is a traumatic experience. The area of the spinal cord that’s damaged affects what problems you’re going to deal with from it. People who have injuries to the cervical spine might have a very scary effect of the spinal cord injury – trouble breathing. Typically, only patients who have a […]

How many fatal dog attacks happen every year?

If you get chased by an aggressive dog while you’re out for a run or while walking your own dog, you may worry about a bite injury. It can be terrifying, you could worry about immediate pain and suffering, and you may consider the long-term ramifications of an infection. But, as that event unfolds, do […]

Pedestrian injury from falling chair leads to lawsuit

You face a number of untold hazards every day. If you commute, you have to worry about getting into a wreck. If you walk, you have to worry about getting knocked over by a bicycle or hit by a distracted driver when you cross the street. You do your best to manage these risks all […]