How New York law helps protect those injured at trampoline parks

These days, you can find an indoor venue for just about any kind of athletic or recreational activity you like. A quick Google search will give you a list of places to do everything from rock climbing to ax throwing. Trampoline parks are among the indoor athletic venues that have grown increasingly popular in recent […]

Who’s liable if your child gets hurt on playground equipment?

Children let their wild sides out on playground equipment, usually with the enthusiastic encouragement of their parents. Letting your children burn off some energy can mean that they will sleep better or have more appropriate emotional responses to events later in the day. Many parents work frequent trips to playgrounds into their schedules. You may […]

Do personal injury claims just cover medical bills?

When someone is filing a personal injury claim, the first thing that they think of is likely their medical bills. They have to go to the hospital and they need emergency treatment, they know that the accident wasn’t their fault, and they want someone to cover those costs. All of this is very important and […]

Avoid these costly mistakes in your slip-and-fall claim

As the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, you deserve compensation for all the damages you suffer. After all, the business or premises owner where your accident occurred owed you a duty of care that they may have neglected. However, it is not an open-and-shut case. You may make mistakes that could affect your claim, leaving […]

3 times a business may be liable for your injuries during a visit

Businesses have to ensure that their facilities are safe before opening their doors to the public. Otherwise, they risk liability if someone gets hurt while visiting. Whether you needed to drop some paperwork off with your accountant to start preparing for your annual tax return or you just needed some cat litter from the pet […]

How much is your New York personal injury case worth?

Following a personal injury, you may suffer injuries for which you may be due for compensation. The damages depend on the harm you suffered from the injuries, and they may be either economic or non-economic. Economic injuries involve the monetary expenses you incurred due to the personal injury, including the cost of medication, lost present […]

Are larger dogs actually more dangerous?

People often worry about larger dogs more than smaller breeds. These dogs look much more like the wolves they’re descended from, and it can be frightening. But are they actually more dangerous? If you’re worried about getting bitten, is your fear in the right place? The role of size and strength First off, many animal […]

Are booby traps legal?

Your dog runs away one morning because your child forgets to latch the gate. You go looking for it, and you wind up on your neighbor’s property. To your surprise, they’ve set up booby traps to stop potential burglars, and you inadvertently get injured while simply looking for your dog.  While you’re in the hospital […]

Can you take legal action if you’re injured in a haunted house?

Summer may be barely over, but haunted house attractions are already beginning to open across New York. Part of the fun and excitement of visiting a haunted house or other scary Halloween adventure site is not knowing what to expect from one moment to the next. It’s not uncommon for people to get so frightened […]

Preventing serious heat-related illnesses in young athletes

Among the first students back at college in August are the football players. They practice vigorously in scorching heat, often wearing heavy protective equipment. High school players are doing the same. It’s all too easy for them to suffer heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Some young athletes have even died from heat-related conditions. […]