Motorcyclist Killed in Crash Identified

The motorcyclist killed in the devastating crash on Niagara Falls Blvd. has been identified. Police came out with a report regarding what they think happened. Follow the link to learn more.

Why wearing a helmet protects you if you are on your motorcycle

Motorcyclists in New York are required to wear protective helmets that meet the requirements established by New York law. Motorcyclists may be at higher risk of serious or even fatal accidents because they are not surrounded by a metal and plastic vehicle frame. Other drivers may have a hard time seeing motorcyclists because of the […]

How insurance companies try to avoid their responsibilities

You pay for car insurance because it is a legal requirement and to protect yourself. The liability you incur while driving could be financially devastating for you. Your insurance coverage helps protect you from those risks by paying for people’s medical care, property damage and unearned wages after car crashes. You know that you can […]

How to prove negligence in a motorcycle accident

If you have been involved in an accident as a motorcyclist, you will, statistically, be more at risk of suffering serious injuries than the drivers of vehicles involved in the same accident. This is because motorcyclists have fewer barriers of protection: They can easily be thrown across the road in a collision because they do […]