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Fighting For Those Injured In Car Accidents

Motor vehicles of all kinds from all over the country travel New York’s roads and highways for business and pleasure. Unfortunately, drivers and operators sometimes find themselves suddenly involved in accidents. In a single, terrifying, second of time, your business or pleasure drive is abruptly interrupted and shattered by an accident.

In the emergency room or hospital room, your medical condition is your immediate concern. Make your next immediate concern a call to Steve Foley at 716-249-2222 Steve is ready to take your situation from accident and injury through the legal process of securing the financial compensation you need to restore your health and livelihood.

Man calls car accident lawyer after an accident in Buffalo, NY
Insure claims adjuster looks over damaged white car

Representing The Whole Spectrum Of Vehicular Injury Claims

Years of experience in the legal aspects of motor vehicle accidents are yours to rely on when you consult Steve Foley. As a car accident lawyer in Buffalo, NY, he has filed, negotiated, litigated and tried cases involving claims for drivers of automobiles, motorcycles, SUVs, commercial vehicles, trucks, and even snowmobiles. He has brought legal assistance and relief to pedestrians who have been struck down by motor vehicles.
He has also worked extensively on the side of clients who have been injured by accidents with drivers under the influence of alcohol.
Depend on Steve’s medical and paralegal colleagues to prepare and process all the information necessary to take your case from filing to settlement or trial. When your driving experience is wrecked by an accident, you can rely on Steve Foley and his car accident law firm in Buffalo, NY for the legal help you need to make things right.