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Fighting For Those Injured In Car Accidents

Motor vehicles of all kinds from all over the country travel New York’s roads and highways for business and pleasure.

Unfortunately, drivers and operators sometimes find themselves suddenly involved in accidents. In a single, terrifying, second of time, your business or pleasure drive is abruptly interrupted and shattered by an accident, potentially leaving you with complications, pain and suffering.

When people complain about traffic in New York, they mean it. As a state with such a high population and consistent rates of business, the amount of drivers traversing in and out of state continues to increase day by day.

From commercial vehicles, to school buses, to construction trucks, and the everyday car — the roads in our state are continuing to crowd. Besides long wait times and further driving distances though, this increase in roadway usage unfortunately also tends to lead to an increase in car accidents.

Whether an individual is at fault, inclement weather causes driving conditions that may not be ideal, a car part fails while en route, or the state of the roads itself are in need of quality repair—car accidents are inevitable. There are some things that you cannot control, like the occurrence of a motor vehicle accident.

What you can control though, is your response to a situation. For many individuals, families, and business, a car accident, no matter how serious, can be a pivotal, stressful, and life changing moment. Something that can happen in what seems like a flickering instinct, can unfortunately create such a long lasting impact for multiple parties, on and off of the scene of the incident.

In a single, terrifying, second of time, your business or pleasure drive is abruptly interrupted and shattered by an accident. After emergency authorities are contacted, and the proper physical care is administered, a key next step is securing legal representation in the form of a car accident attorney.


Why do I need a car accident attorney?


During an overwhelming crisis, you may not be able to quickly draw on the name of a Buffalo car accident attorney. While an injury attorney may not be one of the most commonly used phone numbers in your contact list, a car crash happens swiftly, and accident cases come about with even more shock and speed. As a resident of Western New York, it is critical to know your options in order to make an informed decision at the time of an unprecedented and untimely event such as this.

In the emergency room or hospital room, your medical condition is your immediate concern. Make your next immediate concern a call to Buffalo personal injury lawyer, Steve Foley at 716-249-2222 for a free consultation. Out of all of the attorneys in Buffalo, Steve is a car accident attorney that is ready to take the on your personal injury case.

Let’s face it here, being in the situation of a car accident with a catastrophic injury is not ideal for any parties that may have been involved in the unfortunate crash. An experienced attorney that has a thorough understanding of the local and national regulations regarding matters like these, can assist you by walking you, step by step, through the legal process in order to begin securing the financial compensation that you deserve from an insurance company or responsible party. It is time to take the next, and arguably most crucial step, towards securing and restoring your health and livelihood.

Representing The Whole Spectrum Of Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

"I need to find the best car accident attorney near me. Can you help?"

What determines someone’s readiness and capability to handle something as important as the future of your life? In many serious car accident cases, someone’s life may literally be hanging in the balance. Victims need representation from someone they can trust, who can truly service them as they would their own family, and a car accident attorney who understands the gravity of such a stressful situation.

If you have been in a car accident in Buffalo, New York, you need the compassionate care and informed knowledge of a motor vehicle attorney with a proven track record of helping unfortunate victims just like you. Years of experience in the legal aspects of motor vehicle accidents, specific to Buffalo New York,  are yours to rely on when you consult Steve Foley.

As a car accident lawyer in Buffalo, NY, personal injury attorney Steve Foley has filed, negotiated, litigated and tried cases involving claims for drivers of automobiles, motorcycles, SUVs, commercial vehicles, trucks, and even snowmobiles. There is no terrain that Steve Foley is unwilling to cross in order to ensure that you receive the proper service that you deserve in order to compensate for your injuries and any other losses accrued as a result of a serious accident.

During his many years of experience in the personal injury field, with specific and narrow focus on car accident cases, Steve Foley as an attorney has brought competent and detailed legal assistance and relief to people of all backgrounds, including extreme cases of pedestrians who have been struck down by motor vehicles.

With a clear passion and dedication to serving those who have experienced the negative consequences of someone else’s reckless actions, Steve Foley has also worked extensively on the side of clients who have been injured by accidents with drivers under the influence of alcohol. If you have the extreme misfortune of being on the receiving end of a major car accident, you have had to come face to face with someone who chose negligence, by lacking to utilize critical thinking before making a misinformed decision, that could cost someone their job, physical health, or even their life.

In a dire situation such as this, you as a victim have suffered enough. Stop the suffering here and make the correct choice, a choice that could begin the healing process. A choice that could repair the broken pieces of what was, and start building a brighter future forward towards what could be in your new life. 

With many years serving as a personal injury and car accident attorney in Western New York, Steve Foley has had the pleasure and privilege of building strong connections with professionals across various fields — and proudly draws upon those connections in order to provide the best care possible for his clients. Utilize an existing strong network, and depend on Steve’s medical and paralegal colleagues to prepare and process all the information necessary to take your case from filing to settlement or trial.

Your accident may have been messy, but the road ahead does not have to be anymore. When your driving experience is wrecked by an accident, you can rely on Steve Foley and his car accident law firm in Buffalo, NY for the legal help you need to clear the way and make things right