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Buzzed driving can lead to dangerous crashes

Many things can impact how safely a driver operates their vehicle. One of these is impairment. While some people think of alcohol when they hear impaired driving, it’s also possible for a driver to become impaired by using other substances. 

Illegal drugs, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medicines may cause impairment. The issue with these is that it is difficult for law enforcement officers to test the driver to determine the level of impairment in a non-subjective manner. Conversely, alcohol impairment is tested through chemical testing like blood, urine or breath tests. 

What makes buzzed driving so dangerous?

Buzzed driving can lead to the driver having a slow reaction time. This makes it difficult for them to make decisions and maneuver the vehicle to avoid crashes. Even if their reaction time isn’t impacted, their coordination might be. They may even be confused as they drive. 

Another issue with buzzed driving is that the driver might not feel any inhibitions. They may take risks that a sober driver wouldn’t take. In some cases, a buzz may lead to forgetfulness, which can cause them to forget proper driving behaviors. 

Anyone injured in a crash caused by a buzzed driver should ensure that they receive the medical care necessary for their injuries. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help cover the expenses related to the crash. The damages they claim may include medical care, lost wages and similar costs as long as they’re related to the buzzed driving wreck.