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Avoid these costly mistakes in your slip-and-fall claim

As the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, you deserve compensation for all the damages you suffer. After all, the business or premises owner where your accident occurred owed you a duty of care that they may have neglected. However, it is not an open-and-shut case.

You may make mistakes that could affect your claim, leaving you to carry the burden of your damages alone. Given that you may suffer injuries that could even keep you off work, you need to protect your interests by avoiding these common errors.

Failing to seek medical attention

It is advisable to see a doctor and get the necessary treatment. It is not only good for your well-being but also provides formal documentation of your injuries. Otherwise, you may have nothing to rely on that shows you were injured in the slip-and-fall.

Admitting fault

Never admit fault, even if you think you were to blame for the accident. There are other ways of finding out who was at fault. If you accept responsibility, you could jeopardize your chances of getting enough compensation since you also played a part.

Rushing to accept a settlement deal

If you rush to an early deal, it could turn out to be your biggest undoing. Doing so could limit your ability to get any additional compensation if your injuries worsen.

Waiting too long to file a lawsuit

Settlement negotiations may not go as you would like, which is why you need to keep your options open. If you need to seek legal redress in a court of law, ensure you have an eye on the statute of limitations.

In New York, the stipulated time is three years, beyond which, you might have to settle for whatever amount is offered as compensation since you cannot bring a personal injury lawsuit.

Like any other personal injury claim, how you navigate the whole process will eventually determine whether or not you will be adequately compensated in the end.