Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run by Drunk Driver

In early July, a 37-year-old killed a cyclist in Buffalo, NY, in a hit-and-run. The cyclist was hit at Abbott Rd. and Kenefick Ave., although the driver fled to West Seneca, where law enforcement arrested him for DWI. What Can Be Done This accident happened three weeks after a cyclist hit and killed in South Park. […]

How Common Are Workplace Injuries?

Workplace injuries may seem more of a fad than real until you experience one. In fact, about 1.8 million workers sustained workplace injuries requiring a trip to the emergency room in 2020. Follow this link to find out more information.

The Dangers of Being a Pedestrian

Sadly, pedestrian accidents are more common than expected. In 2020, more than 7,000 pedestrians were killed by a motor vehicle on America’s roadways. That is about one death every 75 minutes. What is the main cause of these incidents? Continue reading to find out. The Causes Alcohol is responsible for nearly half of all crashes that […]

Motor Vehicle Collision Reports

If you are going to make a personal injury claim due to a car accident, you are going to need an accident report. Follow the instructions in the link below to learn how to obtain one to receive the compensation you deserve.,in%20person%20at%20the%20precinct.&text=You%20can%20also%20request%20a,the%20Collision%20Report%20Retrieval%20Portal.

Who Is Liable for Playground Injuries?

It is almost back to school time! If your child is in elementary school, they will likely be exposed to potentially dangerous playground equipment at recess. Oh no, not the dreaded monkey bars. Monkey bars and swings account for about 59% of all playground injures each year. Who is held liable for these injuries? Who Is […]

The Safest Seat in Your Car for Your Child

Which seat in the car do you think is safest for your child? If you guessed the middle back, you are correct! In the event of a collision, they will be furthest from any impact or airbags. If you have been in a collision where you and/or your child was injured, contact us today so […]

American Bar Association Guide to Personal Injury Law

Do you have questions regarding personal injury? We have answers! Linked below is a PDF document overflowing with information regarding personal injury law. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact us at 716-321-0562, we would be happy to help you.

New York Boating Accident Reporting

If you or a loved one has been involved in a boating accident in the state of New York, follow the link here to learn how to report your accident, and what to expect next.  

How to Fill Out and File a Car Accident Report in Buffalo, New York

According to Section 605 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, if a person in injured or killed, or there is damage to property of one person more than $1,000, each party must file their own accident report within ten days of the crash. If this report does not get filed, the DMV […]

What is the Most Common Cause for Workplace Injury?

Did you know that the main cause for workplace injury is a slip and fall accident? Actually, about 27% of all nonfatal workplace injuries are due to this cause. Click the link below for more fast facts on occupational injuries.,and%20trips%20without%20a%20fall