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3 injured when vehicle hits state trooper’s cruiser on I-90

It’s devastating when someone is hit by a car when they’re trying to do their job. It’s just as hurtful when the people they were working with are injured as well. Take, for example, a police officer making a traffic stop. Most people move over, but those who don’t could hit the officer as well as the people that they’ve stopped.

That’s what happened in this case out of Buffalo. According to the news, a New York State Trooper was parked along the highway shoulder when an SUV went onto the shoulder and hit his vehicle. The officer had been waiting at the scene where a rental truck had broken down. The driver and passenger were inside waiting for a tow.

The patrol car was pushed into that vehicle when it was hit. That led to the police officer being hospitalized for serious injuries, though he was expected to survive. The two people inside the SUV were also injured, and they had to be taken to the hospital for treatment as well.

It’s not clear why the SUV struck the patrol vehicle that day. So far, the police have said that they are still investigating.

Whether you’re hurt in a work-related accident or injured in a car crash unrelated to your job, it’s fair to want to seek compensation. Drivers have a responsibility to be cautious and to move over when they see emergency vehicles. They should also be cautious when approaching disabled vehicles as well.

If you’re hit because a driver was not paying attention or made a mistake, you may want to consider filing a personal injury claim.