Would it help to move the driving age to 18?

The current age at which a teenager can begin driving on their own is 16. Most teens take driver’s training before this and practice with their parents when they’re 15, but they can get a license at 16. The problem is that 16 and 17-year-old drivers have incredibly high crash rates. They’re the highest overall […]

How much is your New York personal injury case worth?

Following a personal injury, you may suffer injuries for which you may be due for compensation. The damages depend on the harm you suffered from the injuries, and they may be either economic or non-economic. Economic injuries involve the monetary expenses you incurred due to the personal injury, including the cost of medication, lost present […]

Distracted driving involves so much more than just texting

Most drivers will readily acknowledge that having a phone in their hands is dangerous. Even those who think that they can personally text while driving without causing a crash still often believe it is dangerous for other people to do so. Digital distractions are absolutely a safety concern for everyone on the modern roads. However, […]