Are larger dogs actually more dangerous?

People often worry about larger dogs more than smaller breeds. These dogs look much more like the wolves they’re descended from, and it can be frightening. But are they actually more dangerous? If you’re worried about getting bitten, is your fear in the right place? The role of size and strength First off, many animal […]

Are Booby Traps Legal in New York?

Your dog runs away one morning because your child forgets to latch the gate. You go looking for it, and you wind up on your neighbor’s property. To your surprise, they’ve set up booby traps to stop potential burglars, and you inadvertently get injured while simply looking for your dog. While you’re in the hospital […]

Buzzed driving can lead to dangerous crashes

Many things can impact how safely a driver operates their vehicle. One of these is impairment. While some people think of alcohol when they hear impaired driving, it’s also possible for a driver to become impaired by using other substances.  Illegal drugs, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medicines may cause impairment. The issue with these is […]