Why wearing a helmet protects you if you are on your motorcycle

Motorcyclists in New York are required to wear protective helmets that meet the requirements established by New York law. Motorcyclists may be at higher risk of serious or even fatal accidents because they are not surrounded by a metal and plastic vehicle frame. Other drivers may have a hard time seeing motorcyclists because of the […]

Driving safely during the late afternoon: Approaching sunset

Most people are happy when they get off work in the evening. They start to head home, but one thing may catch their attention: the sun. In the fall and winter months, it’s much more likely for the sun to be at eye level or just a bit higher when driving in the evening between […]

Can you take legal action if you’re injured in a haunted house?

Summer may be barely over, but haunted house attractions are already beginning to open across New York. Part of the fun and excitement of visiting a haunted house or other scary Halloween adventure site is not knowing what to expect from one moment to the next. It’s not uncommon for people to get so frightened […]