Preventing serious heat-related illnesses in young athletes

Among the first students back at college in August are the football players. They practice vigorously in scorching heat, often wearing heavy protective equipment. High school players are doing the same. It’s all too easy for them to suffer heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Some young athletes have even died from heat-related conditions. […]

3 things families need to know about wrongful death claims

Losing a loved one will destabilize your family life. It can affect everything from your finances to your daily routine. Even the ability to care for your children or maintain your home could decrease when a member of your family suddenly dies. New York law offers the option to file a wrongful death claim in certain […]

Motor vehicle accident-related deaths spiked in New York during 2020

New York is known worldwide for its notoriously aggressive traffic. What happens, then, when road congestion decreases and many drivers stay home, such as what happened in 2020? Intuition would say that you’d expect fewer motor vehicle accidents, right? Maybe not. The New York Times reported that driving-related deaths saw an increase of 79%, jumping from […]