How do cars compare to other modes of transportation for safety?

Cars are certainly the most common way to travel for Americans, and most people feel relatively safe while doing it. Perhaps you’ve had a harrowing experience, like driving in a severe storm, but your odds of injury or death aren’t generally something you think about when you get behind the wheel. Many people drive multiple […]

How insurance companies try to avoid their responsibilities

You pay for car insurance because it is a legal requirement and to protect yourself. The liability you incur while driving could be financially devastating for you. Your insurance coverage helps protect you from those risks by paying for people’s medical care, property damage and unearned wages after car crashes. You know that you can […]

How can you reduce the chance of a car crash?

Every time you get in your vehicle, you know there is a chance an accident could happen. Car crashes happen far too often and result in the loss of far too many lives. As a responsible driver, you want to do your best to drive safely for the benefit of yourself, your passengers and all […]