What happens when public transit options lead to injury or death?

New York City has a world-famous public transportation system. There are multiple public transit options ranging from buses is subway trains that run on a frequent schedule, helping people to travel all over the city without their own vehicles.   Thousands of people get to work, the store or social events using public transit in New […]

Conditions that contribute to slip-and-fall accidents

“Slip and fall” is a common phrase used in personal injury cases where a person slips, trips or falls on public or private property. These types of cases fall under a more general category known as “premises liability.” Property owners must keep their premises in a reasonably good condition to prevent such accidents. Regardless of […]

What if your child is injured by an “attractive nuisance?”

As summer begins and your kids are out and about (perhaps more than they’ve been in over a year), they may be tempted to go onto someone else’s residential or commercial property by an “attractive nuisance.” An attractive nuisance is an insurance term as well as a legal term that describes anything on a property […]