How to prepare for your deposition in a personal injury case

When a personal injury claim starts slowly moving toward a trial, it’s not uncommon for a deposition to be scheduled. Depositions offer the opportunity for the representatives of the insurance company defending the case to ask you questions about your claim. While not exactly a trial, depositions are taken under oath, and your statements will be […]

How to prove negligence in a motorcycle accident

If you have been involved in an accident as a motorcyclist, you will, statistically, be more at risk of suffering serious injuries than the drivers of vehicles involved in the same accident. This is because motorcyclists have fewer barriers of protection: They can easily be thrown across the road in a collision because they do […]

How parked cars pose a danger to motorcyclists

You generally assume that the threat of an accident comes from the traffic around you, the other cars with which you share the road. If you’re a motorcyclist, though, you could also be injured in an accident caused by someone in a parked car. You need to be aware of this risk whenever you ride. […]