Who pays when you get hurt by someone on an e-scooter?

New York changed its laws recently, finally allowing people to drive e-scooters legally. These popular and efficient forms of transportation have taken many other states by storm, and now New York is on the cusp of an e-scooter explosion. E-scooters have plenty going for them, including the fact that people don’t need to have a license […]

Dressing for trial in a personal injury case

If you are the plaintiff in a New York personal injury claim, there is every hope that your claim will settle well before you ever get to a courtroom. But the wise plaintiff and personal injury attorney know to plan anyway for a court appearance. One of the major questions you might have as a […]

Your rights when you get hurt by a third party while on the job

Job injuries happen all the time in New York. Some people who work in construction might fall on the job, while a person who works as a bouncer at a club could wind up hurt by violence involving a couple of intoxicated patrons. Thankfully, injured workers can usually turn to workers’ compensation insurance after something […]