What injury risks do you face as a restaurant worker?

The restaurant industry is one of the highest-grossing ones in the U.S. It generates more than $1 trillion in annual revenue and employs approximately 15 million workers. This industry happens to be one of the most dangerous ones for employees, as well. Some injury types are more common among restaurant workers than others. Below, we’ll discuss some […]

Can I sue a restaurant for food poisoning?

Almost anyone you ask can tell you about a time when they suffered from food poisoning. It’s a relatively common condition, and it’s one that most people recover from well. Though you may never have heard of anyone suing over food poisoning in the past, the reality is that someone may choose to sue if […]

Head-on crashes: This is why they’re so serious

Of all potential car accidents, a head-on crash can be the most serious. With a head-on crash, two vehicles hit each other straight on. Both vehicles may be traveling at the same speed in opposite directions, so the force of the crash is multiplied by that acceleration from both sides. Take for example a crash between […]

Get justice after being injured by a drunk driver

It’s a person’s individual choice whether they want to abuse alcohol in a situation where it only impacts their own life. However, whenever a person gets behind the wheel, they essentially have other people’s lives and livelihoods in their own hands. Therefore, a person should only drive when they are sober, alert and in a […]

Tips to achieve success in your New York personal injury claim

The negligence of others, unfortunately, leads to many injuries suffered by innocent victims. In a best-case scenario, a personal injury causes a few moments or hours of pain. In a worst-case scenario, such an injury results in catastrophic bodily harm or death. Along with severe pain, possible disability and other physical effects of a personal injury, victims […]