Trip-and-fall hazards: Who’s liable when you get hurt?

Trip-and-fall hazards are around you all the time. However, when you’re on another person’s property, it is their responsibility to make sure you stay safe. That means that they should be aware of tripping hazards and make sure that their customers or clients are able to avoid them. New York has all kinds of hazards, […]

Drivers: Heed those weather warnings when you’re heading out on the road

If you live in the Buffalo or Rochester area, you’re probably used to winter weather making driving conditions challenging. Each year the authorities issue several blizzard warnings, telling drivers to stay at home and avoid driving. On certain occasions, they go as far as to ban trucks due to the dangerous conditions. Yet, not everyone […]

Do speed limits prevent accidents?

If you get pulled over for speeding and you mention to someone that you wish there weren’t speed limits or that you think they just exist to create government funding, they’ll probably tell you that it’s a safety issue. If people were allowed to drive as recklessly as they wanted, the roads would be more […]