Defective products can be much more dangerous than they seem

Every day, each of us uses or interacts with dozens of products that we’ve purchased. It is so common that most of us never even think about it. We are able to take for granted that the food we eat, the medicines we ingest and the gadgets we use will be safe and effective. While […]

Were any of these the cause of your semitruck crash?

Many people think that driver error is the primary cause of semitruck crashes. While this might be a common cause of wrecks, it is far from the only cause. Where semis are concerned, there are several other common causes of wrecks. Understanding how a wreck may have happened can help you understand where liability for your losses may fall. Inadequate […]

Who can you hold liable if you’re in a crash caused by a teen driver?

Teen drivers have a reputation for distracted and sometimes reckless driving. Even novice teen drivers who are conscientious and careful behind the wheel lack the experience to make the right move when they encounter an unexpected situation. If you have suffered serious injuries because of a crash caused by a teen driver, who will cover […]