Pedestrian injury from falling chair leads to lawsuit

You face a number of untold hazards every day. If you commute, you have to worry about getting into a wreck. If you walk, you have to worry about getting knocked over by a bicycle or hit by a distracted driver when you cross the street. You do your best to manage these risks all […]

New York tosses brain damage lawsuit by ex-WWE stars

A judge in the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals in New York has affirmed the decision of a Connecticut judge who dismissed the lawsuit filed by 50 former wrestling professionals, including the likes of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stars Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Harry “Mr. Fuji” Masayoshi Fujiwara and Chris “King Kong” Bundy. The wrestlers, many […]

Who pays the bills when your kid gets hurt during recess?

For grade school children, recess is often the part of the day that they most look forward to. They have the opportunity to burn off some energy, play with their friends and get out of the classroom for a little bit. Unfortunately, recess also carries with it substantial risk. Every year, tens of thousands of […]