What makes motorcycling dangerous?

What is it that compels you to ride a motorcycle? Is it the convenience of nipping through the traffic? The low cost compared to running a car? Or maybe you feel more alive when on two wheels than four. Many car drivers believe motorcyclists have a death wish. While there may be a few who […]

Knocked off your motorcycle? Make a claim

You love taking your motorcycle out for a spin, but what you don’t like is when other drivers make dangerous movements and put your life at risk. You’re always cautious when you approach intersections and wear bright colors to help make it easier for others to see you. Unfortunately, the last time you went for […]

Scared of bugs? Take care before you drive

Whenever a driver acts dangerously on the road, they could put themselves or others at risk of injury or death. One unusual reason that some people give for the collisions they cause is there was an insect in their vehicle. If you’ve ever had a spider drop down on you from the ceiling or a […]